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Happy World Book Day! Since publishing Matchbloc I’ve noticed how much I enjoy a book about collections. Specifically, similar items repeated with slight differences. I’ve posted a view of my favourites below, each book features a collection complemented by beautiful photography, design and layout.

Brick Index by Patrick Fry

Patrick Fry is a master of books about collections. Brick Index celebrates Britain's industrial heritage with 155 photographed bricks, printed at actual size, sorted by the colour from light to dark. Featuring an introduction from brick historian David Kitching.

M1 by Ricky Adam

I can't describe this better than Ricky - "A travelogue narrated through bodily effluent. A motorway journey described in the call and response of the full bladder. A British road movie – Two Lane Blacktop and Wild At Heart reduced to a trail of piss-filled plastic bottles." Who knew wee could be so beautiful? The yellow stitching is the perfect touch.

Garbage Pail Kids by Art Spiegelman

Even though I still have my 1980s cards I couldn't resist buying the Garbage Pail Kids book. I recently realised Art Spiegelman was also the illustrator and author of Maus - mind blown!

Suuri Kinnaskirja by Reet Piiri

A couple of years ago I visited the fantastic Estonia National Museum. The museum had a display that explained the distinct areas of Estonia and how the traditional dress differed. Suuri Kinnaskirja purely concentrates on gloves from the national collection, the regions they come from and the patterns used.

Chewing Gum's Wrapping Paper Collection by PIE

PIE books in Japan started by publishing books for graphic designers and have some wonderful books of ephemera. The Chewing Gum's Wrapping Paper Collection is my favourite.

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