Visitor’s London Illustrations

Visitor’s London describes itself as an alphabetical reference book for the visitor to London who wishes also to see something of London’s countryside. Compiled by Harlond F. Hutchison, published by London Transport and printed by Curwen Press in 1954. The illustrations are beautiful and very small! This is a lovely opportunity to scan and share them at a larger size. Captions and credits are below the illustrations.

  1. Blackheath by Gareth Adamson
  2. London by Edward Bawden
  3. Covent Garden by Gareth Adamson
  4. London by Ray Tooby
  5. Green Park by Althea Willoughby
  6. Hampstead Heath by Gareth Adamson
  7. Horse Guards by William Fenton
  8. Kew Gardens by Gareth Adamson
  9. Marble Arch by Gareth Adamson
  10. National Gallery by William Fenton
  11. Piccadilly Circus Gareth Adamson
  12. Royal Festival Hall by William Fenton
  13. Science Museum by Gareth Adamson
  14. Buckingham Palace by William Fenton
  15. Soho by Gareth Adamson
  16. Street Markets by Gareth Adamson
  17. St James’s Palace by William Fenton
  18. Southwark Cathedral by William Fenton
  19. Tower of London by Gareth Adamson
  20. Trafalgar Square by Gareth Adamson
  21. Wellington Museum by Ray Tooby
  22. Woolwich Free Ferry by Ray Tooby
  23. Zoo by R. Wilkinson
  24. London’s Country by Eric Ravilious
  25. Countryside by Ray Tooby
  26. Hatfield House by Bruce Roberts
  27. Tate Gallery by William Fenton
  28. Royal Academy by William Fenton
  29. Royal United Service Museum by William Fenton
  30. St James’s Park by Gareth Adamson

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