Glasgow Print Fair 2023

It’s Thursday, and we are still buzzing from the sheer amount of Glasgow Print Fair love there was last weekend!

As we enter our fifth year of organising the Glasgow Print Fair, we are delighted to see it continue to grow. Our event brings together some of the finest artists and printmakers, and as co-organisers, Kaye and I have honed our expertise in event management. We consistently strive to introduce new elements that set our fair apart from others.

With 55 artists selling their beautiful wares, more than 2300 people came to visit us and it was just the best atmosphere. We had over 2300 people through the door in just 6 hours! It was BUSY!

Max Machen really outdid himself with this year’s branding. You might have spotted our JackArts billboards with our illustrated printing pals are finding their way across the city.

This year Newspaper Club kindly printed a mini paper for us. It went out on the streets of Glasgow and gave the low-down on who’s who at this year’s print fair, and interviews from some people taking part.

The Caseroom (aka Ruth Kirkby, Neil McGuire and Edwin Pickstone) ran a fantastic free print workshop introducing the joys of relief printing, and created a large-scale print installation covering the central atrium of the Lighthouse building. Funded thanks to Creative Scotland.

Big Bear Bakery and Us v Them kept us caffeinated and fed.

We’ve been featured in The Skinny, The Times, The Scotsman, Design Week and more!

Glasgow Print Fair is run not-for-profit by me (Jane McDevitt at Maraid Design) and Kaye Symington at Paved with Gold in our spare time.

Molly Hankinson

Lucy Sherston

Jagoda Sadowska

Hattie Clark

Caseroom workshop and installation

Caseroom print workshop

Kieron Redmond

Tom and work by Natalie Tweedie

Our Newspaper Club free paper

British Culture Archive


Sophie J Morrison

Teuntje Fleur

Studio Pylon

Incline Press

Max Machen

Half Year Studio

Edwin Pickstone

Billboards at Scotland Street

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