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Be Healthy Know Your Viral Load

International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC)

The International Treatment Preparedness Coalition (ITPC) is a global activist organisation that leads the Make Medicines Affordable partnership. Their aim is to make sure that all people living with HIV have access to the right treatment. We have worked with them since 2015 to develop three multilingual websites in collaboration with a number of partnership organisations. Know Your Viral Load is a campaign aimed at people across Africa living with HIV. For people living with HIV, a viral load test tells you if your treatment is working. Unfortunately, throughout Africa, viral load tests are not routinely available.

The site has two clear calls to action: demand a viral load test, and demand testing in countries where it isn’t available. Working with 11 partner countries across Africa, it was critical that the site was easy to navigate and engaging for users as viral load testing is proven to save lives. We worked with ITPC to create a sympathetic and informative home page that introduces the problem and countries involved, explains the campaign and suggests ways to get involved and work towards a solution.

Client testimonial

Very proud of the campaign launch. I love the website... wonderful! Great job indeed!

Christine Stegling, Executive Director of ITPC

What we did

Integrated a video campaign in an engaging and informative design
Front-end build
Templates that work perfectly on all screen sizes
Multiple language site & CMS
Content is easily accessed and edited in all campaign countries in their own languages

This website is no longer live. Gone but not forgotten, it will live on forever in our hearts!