Throughout the development of this website, we have prioritised sustainability.

Emissions – design, build and speed

The website has been custom-built with efficient, streamlined code rather than using pre-made themes or code libraries.

To conserve energy, we have created a dark design that limits the use of bright blue.

All images have been appropriately resized and compressed for optimal performance.

The utilisation of video is limited.

The website is optimised to help search engines quickly locate the right audience.

We have carefully designed our information architecture and user experience to ensure a speedy and efficient user journey.

The content is presented in a simple and concise manner, devoid of any unnecessary clutter.

Our platform is built on the open-source software WordPress.

We have taken accessibility into account at every step.

Storage and data transfer

We host our website on, a provider that uses 100% green energy in their data centres and is actively working towards decarbonisation. Their data centre is located in the UK, where our primary audience is based, resulting in faster and more energy-efficient data transfer.

To enhance our website’s security, performance, and reliability, we rely on Cloudflare. It accelerates website loading efficiently and caches data for future visits, reducing energy consumption. Additionally, Cloudflare is dedicated to powering its network with 100% renewable energy and aims to eliminate all greenhouse gases emitted since its inception in 2010.

Measuring and testing

We use Lighthouse to test performance. We test sustainability with Website Carbon Calculator.