Maraid is a web design studio run by Jane & Richard

Our websites are a product of our love of design, technology and problem solving. We make them beautiful, fast, clean and compliant with the latest web standards.

We enjoy working with like-minded organisations whose activities positively impact society. We’re passionate about the arts, science, education, not-for-profit and heritage. We specialise in cultural event websites and content management systems.

We are committed to being an ethical business

To reduce our carbon footprint, we choose to walk, cycle, or take public transport to work. We have ethical business banking and pensions. We make sustainable and accessible websites by using clean and concise code, and ensure content is optimised to load quickly. Our chosen web hosting is powered by 100% renewable energy.

Maraid Portrait by YUKFUN

Our backgrounds set us apart from other web teams. Having both graduated from Art College has given us a significant advantage in creative problem solving. Our earlier careers with National Museum web teams gave us an invaluable insight into accessibility, inclusion, tourism and the importance of culture events within their locations and environments.

We are passionate about where we live and have both contributed to our local culture. Richard was a founding member of a live music collective that brought world-renowned electronic music artists to his local community centre in Shipley, West Yorkshire. Jane co-founded Glasgow Print Fair, a not-for-profit organisation that hosts an annual fair for contemporary printmakers in Scotland and beyond.

Richard is based in Leeds and Jane is in Glasgow.

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