Sustainable websites

Research estimates that by 2025, the IT industry could use 20% of all electricity produced and emit up to 5.5% of the world’s carbon emissions.

We need to work harder to make it more sustainable.

As web designers and developers we need to take responsibility for the environmental impact our work has. We consider sustainability at every stage of the project. Our aim is to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption where possible and become champions of website sustainability.

Our projects and clients

We work with organisations who are socially responsible and positively impact society. Their websites serve in the best interest of the people that use them.

Design and development & speed

We provide bespoke web design and development from scratch. Our streamlined clean code and compressed images keeps the site load low and speed fast. A fast website uses less energy. We provide training to help clients add accessible and sustainable content.

We work with clients to provide considered user experiences (UX) and information architecture (IA), we want visitors to a website to find information and complete tasks as fast as possible.

Using WordPress

We use WordPress, the most ethical Content Management System. It's free, open source and they've made commitments to sustainable change.


We use online tools to measure sustainable performance, such as Google Lighthouse and Website Carbon Calculator.


We recommend to our clients for hosting, their data centers use 100% green energy and they are taking steps towards decarbonisation. Their data centre is in the UK, the same country as our key audience, making data transfer quick with less energy used.

For extra security, performance, and reliability we use Cloudflare. It speeds up the load of a website and caches for repeat visits which reduces energy use. Cloudflare are committed to powering their network with 100% renewable energy. They aim to remove all greenhouse gases emitted as the result of powering their network since their launch in 2010.