Web design

We design websites to engage and inspire. We ensure the design compliments the content and brand. We use our technical design expertise to delight the visitor, allow them to easily find the information they require and encourage them to browse for longer.

Web development

Our sites are built with CSS and HTML5. We use PHP with MySQL database to run the websites dynamically and work as the content management system. All our sites are tested across multiple browsers. We use future-friendly coding practices where possible (without affecting anyone viewing on older browsers). All our sites are responsive and work on multiple screen sizes including hand-held devices.

Content Management Systems

To build a content management system (CMS) we use WordPress. It is easy to use and helps with quick workflow when managing content. We create a bespoke design and build (theme) from scratch. To ensure the admin area is clean, intuitive and simple to use we produce exactly what you need and add only the functionality required. Our streamlined themes keep the site load low and speed fast.

Sustainable websites

As web designers and developers we need to take responsibility for the environmental impact our work has. We consider sustainability at every stage of the project. Our aim is to reduce carbon emissions and energy consumption where possible and become champions of website sustainability. More about sustainable websites.

Accessibility & Usability

We believe in accessibility and usability for all and that every visitor should be able to perceive, understand, navigate and interact with a website. All Maraid sites follow WCAG 2.2 guidelines compliant with Equality Act 2010 and level AA+ as standard. We provide training to help clients write accessible content. More about accessible websites.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

A well-planned and well-built website keeps search engines happy. We build all our sites with SEO in mind and help you provide content that is SEO friendly. We’ll work with you to find out what key audiences search for, and ensure the website utilises those keywords and search terms.


A slow website will encourage users to abandon a webpage and discourage further exploration. This can result in negative ranking from search engines. Designing and building your website with clean and crisp code and ensuring content is not heavy will make the website more sustainable and save energy.

Social media & email newsletters

We can advise on ways to build an audience. We'll make sure you're using the right social media platforms to talk to your followers and you have a consistent visual message across the web. Email newsletters are a powerful tool to keep in touch with key audiences, encouraging them to return to the website and engage with content on a regular basis.


Once a job is completed we won't disappear! We see every new client as a lasting relationship and recommend regularly scheduled catch-ups. We're here if you have a question, need some advice or training, or want to talk about new work.