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Project planner

All quotes are as bespoke as the website we will make for you. Our pricing is based on the amount of hours your project will take. In order to determine that, we're likely to have lots of questions! Take a look at our handy project planner, it should help you get thinking about your new website.

Project planner

Please take a moment to answer the following questions in as much detail as you can. It’s super useful if you can give us an idea of your budget. As a guide we have a studio day rate of £560 plus VAT.

  1. What does your business or organisation do?
  2. Please summarise the website
  3. Is this a redesign of something that exists or designing something new? If it exists what is the URL?
  4. What are your major goals for this website?
  5. What is motivating you to do this website now?
  6. Do you have a date when the website needs to be completed?
  7. What is most important about this website?
  8. How important is each of these?
    • Look and feel
    • Engineering/Backend development
    • Improving key metrics/Quantifying success or results/Conversion
    • Content strategy/writing
    • Understanding your audience or organisation
    • Getting it done as fast as possible
    • Getting it done as inexpensively as possible
    • Differentiating from competition
    • Reach a new audience
    • Better demonstrate value or correct misconceptions
  9. What does success look like? How will you know this website has succeeded?
  10. Who is/are your audience/your target users/your customers?
  11. Do you have a brand and branding guidelines?
  12. Is there anything that concerns you?
  13. Is there anything about your organisation that might make this project easier or harder in any specific ways?
  14. What is your budget range?
  15. What does the selection process look like at your end? How many people are you talking to and when do you expect to be making a decision?