Skating Chimp Gocco Print

I’ve made a few unsuccessful Gocco prints since my first one. Its fustrating when it goes wrong – the wasted screens, bulbs, ink and time. But when it goes well its rewarding. Freshly printed are this year’s christmas cards.. the skating chimp.

skating chimp gocco print

Things I have learnt in the past few efforts. Always test inks before applying them to the screen – with some of the older inks the oil has separated and comes out the tube first – this made my paper stick to a screen. Don’t put the foam separators too close to the ink area as the will stop it from printing a solid colour. Start designing with the colours you have – I scanned in the tube packaging and made a illustrator swatch palette with the colours so I could easily experiment. I’ve found mixing colours hasn’t worked very well. Yellow hardly shows up on the off-white card I use. More complicated designs look better on screen, more simple ones look better printed.

gocco prints drying

Prints are available in my Maraid Etsy shop.

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