City of Industry, Leeds

We were pleased as punch when Colours May Vary and Drew Millward asked us to get involved in the City of Industry exhibition. City Of Industry featured events and parties, as Northern Monk Brew Company launched their new event space Chapter Hall. The exhibition also spent time in the lovely Colours May Vary gallery space where these photos were taken.

Our poster featured the Centurion Mk III tank. We were interested in a lost local industry that isn’t so well known. Up until 1999 military tanks were built at Vickers in Crossgates, Leeds.

The exhibition featured work by Lord Bunn, Drew Millward, Tommy Davidson, Alex Sickling, Nick Loaring, Anna Peaker, Matt Hodson, Ricky Adam, Kristyna Baczynski, Dry British, Graham Pilling, Idiots Pasture, India Hobson, Sonny Ross, Micheal Driver, Bolt Motorcycles and us!

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