Catch-up, Leeds

Catch-up is a lovely idea. Get people together, listen to a talk, look at an exhibition, have a chat, drink ale and eat peanut and jam sandwiches. It’s called a conference but feels a lot more relaxed and informal than that. The recent event looked at image making and art direction. Rob Low (aka Supermundane) was guest speaker, his work and talk was fun and interesting and set the day off to a great start. At the round table talk Rob was joined by Matthew the Horse, Nick Deakin and members of Nous Vous and Lord Whitney. I enjoyed hearing peoples thoughts on being creative and working on paid commissions. Drinks and entertainment followed with lots of Leeds Pale Ale and chatting. With a bag of goodies (real stuff – not a sponsor in sight) and just £5 a ticket – all conferences should be like this!


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