Zeke Clough illustrated record covers

I first spotted Zeke Clough‘s work while looking through Skull Disco 12 inches. In the world of dance music there was nothing that looked like these records, they looked like the outpourings of Robert Crumb if he had been in league with Satan.

Zeke began illustrating record covers for his school friend Sam Shackelton at Skull Disco. He also produces prints and has exhibited in Berlin, Tokyo and Manchester.

In the years since that initial discovery I have found myself owning several releases that Zeke has illustrated, and like all great illustrators his style has developed over time but it has always remained uniquely identifiable to him.

Reflekzionz - Ekoplekz, 2015

Soundboy's Suicide Note - Shackleton, ‎2008

Freezing Open Thawing - Shackleton, 2014

Man On A String Part 1 And 2 / Bastard Spirit - Shackleton, 2010

Fireworks - Shackleton, 2011

Deadman - Shackleton, 2011

Unfidelity - Ekoplekz, 2014

Drawbar Organ EP Pt. 1 - Shackleton, ‎2012

Drawbar Organ EP Pt. 2 - Shackleton, ‎2012

Drawbar Organ EP Pt. 3 - Shackleton, ‎2012

Drawbar Organ EP Pt. 1, 2, 3, side by side

Wizards in Dub - Invasion vs Shackleton, 2009

Filthy EP - The Bug, 2013

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