Songs we played in 2015

Here is a mix of some music we enjoyed in the studio during 2015.

This is the track list for you, I hope you like it and please feel free to share it on any of those social media things you may use.

  1. Rubicon by Noveller
  2. Interference by Holly Herndon
  3. No Comprende by Low
  4. I Remember by Jon Hopkins
  5. 1 Sec by Novelist x Mumdance
  6. Plant Up by Prince Far-I And The Arabs
  7. Feel You by Julia Holter
  8. Red Sex by Vessel
  9. Violence by Andy Stott
  10. California Owls by Death And Vanilla
  11. Come on Let’s Go by Broadcast
  12. All Mighty by Black Milk
  13. Hardwax Flashback by Russell Haswell

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