Villa Aalto, Helsinki

On a recent visit to Finland a destination I wanted to visit, even more then Moominland, was the home of the architect and designer couple Aino and Alvar Aalto.

The house designed by the Aalto’s was completed in 1936 in an undeveloped area that now forms part of the Helsinki suburbs. It was designed to be a working studio as well as a family home and there was a clear division of space to accommodate the two functions. The interiors of the living space are intimate and cosy, containing mainly pieces of furniture designed by the couple, whereas the studio is a tall, spacious and functional area.

When Anio died in 1949 Alvar carried on living in the house until his own death in 1974. The Finnish government recognised the cultural importance of the building’s design and in 2000 completely renovated the house opening it up to the public as a museum.

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