Tisser La Couleur at Musée de Lodève

Driving though Lodève in France I read about the Atelier National de Tissage de Tapis where the priceless Gobelins tapestries are woven. Unfortunately they were not open for the next few days and I was disappointed to miss it. However we spotted an intriguing poster for the exhibition ‘Tisser La Couleur’ or ‘Weaving Colour’ and followed the signs to the Lodeve Museum.

The exhibition featured work by Sonia Delaunay, Émile Gilioli, Le Corbusier, Joan Miró, Serge Poliakoff and Alexander Calder. The amazing, huge, colourful, abstract tapestries came from the French National Furniture Collection and were made between 1960 and 1970. We had stumbled across a rare treat.

In the words of the gallery… ‘This exhibition illustrates the decisive moment in history of the workshops of Gobelins and Beauvais. For the first time, manufacturers employed well-known artists and consulted them at all states of the project. The results are these powerful pieces, developed as unique co-creations between artist and weaver.’

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