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With the revival of vinyl there has been an increased interest in the artwork and packaging that goes with the format. Berlin based PAN has been responsible for producing some amazing LP covers to go with their releases, their experimentation with graphic design perfectly complements the experimental electronic music made by their artists.

The label is run by musician Bill Kouligas and early releases featured artwork designed by himself and Kathryn Politis. The artwork explored the idea of layering and used screen printing onto PVC sleeves, found photography and geometrical shapes and patterns to create complex designs. The label’s releases were like limited art editions that pushed the boundaries of what a record cover was.

As the label grew the artwork evolved and they moved towards more traditional materials such as full colour card board sleeves. Other artists became involved; Louis Reith, photographers like Traianos Pakioufakis as well as getting input from the musicians who have an artistic background like Steven Warwick (Heatsick). This widening of the creative circle resulted in a definite change of visual style for the label, continuing to be ground breaking while still reflecting the music released. The subtle use spot varnish and different finishes works well with playful typography and use of photography, these records are joy to hold in your hands.

Konrad Sprenger, Stack Music. Artwork by Bill Kouligas. 2017.

Various, Mono No Aware. Designed by Bill Kouligas, photography by Molly Matalon. 2017.

Yves Tumor, Serpent Music. Designed by Bliss Serenity Resting, photography by Daniel Sannwald. 2016.

Visionist, Safe. Photography by Daniel Sannwald, layout by Bill Kouligas. 2015.

HELM, Olympic Mess. Artwork by Bill Kouligas, photography by Kim Thue. 2015.

M.E.S.H., Piteous Gate. 2015.

Objekt, Flatland. Designed by Kathryn Politis, photography by Joe Dilworth. 2014.

Lee Gamble, Koch. Artwork by Bill Kouligas. 2014.

Lee Gamble, Kuang EP. Artwork by Bill Kouligas and Kathryn Politis, photography by Lee Gamble. 2014.

Afrikan Sciences, Circuitous. Artwork by Bill Kouligas and Louis Reith. 2014.

M.E.S.H., Scythians (Original EP). Artwork by Bill Kouligas and M.E.S.H. 2014.

Bass Clef, Raven Yr Own Worl. Artwork by Bill Kouligas and Kathryn Politis. 2014.

Heatsick, Re-Engineering. Artwork by Bill Kouligas and Steven Warwick. 2013.

Concrete Fence (Regis & Russell Haswell), New Release (1). Artwork by Bill Kouligas and Russell Haswell. 2013.

Lee Gamble, Diversions 1994-1996. Artwork by Bill Kouligas and Kathryn Politis. 2012.

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Ivan October 10th, 2017

The only downside of PVC covers being damage they can cause to your precious records over time. The joy of holding a perfect looking record deteriorates quickly once you find out the surface is ruined due to non-removable and sticky plasticizer residue.


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