Architecture Books

My parents are clearing out their house in preparation for retirement and a big move. I am trying hard not to transfer the piles of unwanted stuff to my flat. My Dad’s architecture books were too good to pass. I love the similar style of design – blocks of colour with transparent monocrome photography.

britain the sixtiesmodern houses
glasgow at a glancethe new architecture of europe
towns and citiespioneers of modern design
an outline of european architecturehow to find out in architecture and building
after the plannersgeorgian london

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Zhenia February 8th, 2007

I had a very similar problem recently – my sister was moving to a flat where my grandparents used to live and she was about to throw away a lot of books and other printed things, mostly from the mid-50s (old soviet stuff). She didn’t want them anymore. So I had only one weekend to sort things that I wanted. 8) I never forget how I spend 40 hours on our old kit4en with a camera taking pictures of book pages that I just couldn’t take with me… they were really a lot!)


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