British bingo hall carpets

I came across the Casino Carpet Gallery by Die is Cast (via Apartment Therapy).

David G Schwartz

“In a strange way, though, it’s sublime work of art, rivalling any expressionist canvas of the past century. Note the regal tones of Caesars Palace, the bountiful bouquet of Mandalay Place, the soft, almost abstract pointilism of Paris, all whispering, “gamble, gamble” just out of the range of consciousness as people walk to the nearest slot machine.”

I photographed the interior of Mecca Bingo Hall and Social Club in Sheffield last year and particularly liked the carpets. I’m not sure they convey any sublime messages but definitely offer a glitzy escapism that makes me want to visit more bingo halls with my camera.

Sheffield bingo hall carpet

Sheffield bingo hall carpet

Sheffield bingo hall carpet

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