Architecture Photos

While sorting out my family’s photographs I put my Dad’s architecture pictures to one side. I recently took time to study them properly and was really excited by what I found.

My Dad studied architecture in Belfast 1964-67 and later in Leeds 1969-72 around the time the photographs were taken.

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sroden March 20th, 2007

holy cow… these are incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i visited your flickr as well to look at them all, what a wonderful capsule of architectural time. i love that you can see an architecture student taking these as reference for details, etc. of course, the one of them horsing around on the large triangle is great too! i recently got a really nicely designed tiny guide to modern arch. in london from the early 60’s, maybe i’ll post some images on airforms. thanks for posting all these, they’re really really great.

Jane March 20th, 2007

Thanks. They illustrate that time when you are inspired by everything and eventually get to spend all your time studying something you are passionate about – and hang around with people that feel that way too. Glad you like them. Look forward to seeing those pictures.


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