‘Meine Memoiren’ found photos from Germany

I love found photographs, although sometimes a box full of jumbled up and discarded memories is a little sad. I picked up this photo album in a Berlin flee market and was happy to discover that is was the life of one lady. She had collated ‘Meine Memoiren’ starting from her birth in 1914 to old age. The album is split into two distinct halves. The first half ending on her life with a German solider in 1945 and in the second half, ‘Memoiren II’, he is gone. She does find love again, their life and travels are happy and well documented. The last entry is 1988. I am still to figure out her name (Lotti?) but with many captions and the odd letter I’m sure it is in there somewhere.

My highlights are the ski trip that ends with pictures of her posing for the camera in the hospital bed with a broken leg, her confident teenage years (she knew how to strike a pose!) and the plethora of photobooth images, displayed together they perfectly document her growing old.

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