Arne Jacobsen’s pre-fab summer house

Arne Jacobsen unveiled his prototype pre-fab summer house in 1970 and named it Kubeflex. It comprised of 10 square meter cubic modules which could be combined and added to as necessary. Unfortunately it was considered too radical to go to market and Jacobsen’s prototype remained the only build. He went on to use it as his own summer house for many years.

The Kubeflex now resides in the gardens of Trapholt Museum in Kolding, Denmark.¬†Visiting the summer house does take a little imagination. The interior has pieces of Jacobsen’s various work, however, it looks less like the furnished building he left behind but a place to put a collection of his furniture and fittings – a little jumbled and with some furniture securely chained to the floor! Saying that it is a wonderful building; light, modern and spacious with ingenious interior solutions you would expect from such a prolific designer. It was a pleasure to visit, sit on a swan sofa and take in the view.

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