Vintage matchbox label postcards

Some postcards from Jane’s collection of vintage matchbox labels have been made into postcards (via the folks at Art Press). Some of the cards are now on sale in Paperchase. We are giving away five sets – simply leave a comment in this post. These are just a small part of larger collection – if you have a little time to spend check them out!

greeting card give away!

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Jonny Gatenby April 2nd, 2012

Hey guys, hope your both cool! These look flippin’AMAZING!!! Need to have a good look through them all. I’ve been meaning to get my collection of vintage razor blade packets on my blog soon. Will keep you posted as I think you’ll love them

Laird James Cross April 2nd, 2012

Please give me the postcards because of the following reasons:

1. I will make a nice display of them in a frame

2. You like me

3. I have glasses

That is all

Andy Theyers April 2nd, 2012

I too would make a nice display of them. And you wouldn’t need to post them to me, ‘cos I’m in York. (although not in a stalky way, obviously)

Ron the Printer April 2nd, 2012

I often see one of you running around trying to catch trains. I don’t think you have big enough hands for this.

Thankyou. I like these very much.

Shana April 2nd, 2012

I am American. If chosen, I will pay for the postage and proudly display them as well.

Jane April 2nd, 2012

Well done everyone! Couldn’t have gone to a nicer group of people – glasses and all. And I will hear nothing of paying postage to my favourite american cousin! Thanks, Jane

Moira April 2nd, 2012

These look fab as cards, I will look out for them in paperchase.. I collect matchbox labels too, my dad started his collection in the 50’s and I got the bug from him, although my collection isn’t as big as yours Jane, it’s great that you have them on flickr for everyone to share:)

Jane April 2nd, 2012

Thanks Moira – just spent ages looking through your blog. Love those Wade vases – I’m a fan of ceramics with faces on!

Anna April 3rd, 2012

Pretty pretty please I have a new house with a very horrible kitchen that I can’t afford to update right now. Having these postcards on the fridge would make it a lot prettier…

Jane B April 8th, 2012

Bought a couple in Paperchase Newcastle yesterday – they’re lovely. Started buying some myself after seeing your collection on Flickr – thanks for sharing it. Really like your blog.


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