Creative project with Jetpac and friends

Neil at Websites Are Lovely kindly asked us to get involved with a JetPacMagazine creative project and we said yes! He sent us a package of eclectic carboot finds; a matchbox label, russian lettering set, toy dinosaur, bike repair kit, book, camera and old printing plate of footballers. From this we were to find inspiration and create a piece of work and send it back to him. We created a colourful vinyl sticker. But rather than stopping there we cast the net wider and asked some friends to get involved. They each created a piece of work that featured the sticker in a theme encompassing the original objects.

We were delighted with the results and had the twenty one images bound into a sent of books. Neil and each contributor were sent a book and, in the spirit of the project, a found object or piece of ephemera.

The stickers we designed ready to be set out

Present and Correct

Lee Goater

Paul McDevitt

Lesley Barnes

Matt McMillan

Jane, Maraid Design

Textbook Studios

Plump Digital

Sarah Bradley

Richard, Maraid Design

Colours May Vary

Jane Audas

Daniel Benneworth-Gray

Ricky Adam

Studio Belly Timber

The Archipelago

The Print Project

Patu Tifinger


Peter Byrne

Alex Sickling

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