Peter Byrne ‘This Land’ book and exhibition

After spending a year travelling the US photographing cowboys at forty five ranches in twelve states, Peter Byrne has published the book ‘This Land – Cowboys & the Landscape of the American West’. Peter held his official book launch at Colours May Vary in Leeds and the accompanying exhibition is on until the end of August.

In Peter’s words “I am captivated by the desolation of desert and mountains and their relationship with the loneliness and solitude of the cowboy, who appears almost lost and insignificant in this vast open country; how in many ways the landscape provides the perfect backdrop for those at one with nature; and how the ever-changing landscape can shape the temperament and personality of the cowboy, creating a unique bond, built on knowledge, respect and appreciation of the land.”

The incredibly beautiful limited edition book is available online. Designed by Daniel Benneworth-Gray, it comprises of fifty two full colour offset printed images, section sewn binding and comes in four different wraps to choose from.

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