Behind the scenes at Studio Arhoj, Copenhagen

I love the work of Studio Arhoj; simple forms, rounded, smooth, interesting glazes, beautiful colours and, best of all, fun!

During a recent trip to Copenhagen I visited their shop. Filled with ceramic goodness and lots of pieces I haven’t seen before it was a beautiful treasure trove. From the shop you could see into the workshop and their team beavering away at all the different stages involved in making ceramics. To my pleasant surprise I was asked if I wanted to go into workshop and have a look around. I chatted with a potter who was spinning some bowls, met a group who were glazing ghosts, I was shown the kilns and then got to see a completely new range of figurines. Everyone was incredibly friendly and happy to chat and I learnt about the history of the company as well as the whole process that goes into making the ghosts.

If you are ever in Copenhagen go and visit the Studio Arhoj shop, it’s full of beautiful things and the people are super friendly.

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